Working at the Park

Working at the Park


For anyone that has been to Le Grand Bois Adventure Park, you will know that we are privileged to have an amazing location.  We have worked hard in the past to have a park that is great fun, gives plenty of challenges and is attractive to family members and hard core adrenalin junkies alike!


This year is our tenth anniversary and we are changing almost everything – except the Mega Tyrolienne, that is too unique to mess with.


So what does is mean to change the Park?  Well the first we have to inspect all the trees and makes sure they are safe, and unfortunately this year after all the storms and rain of the autumn we had quite  a lot of work to do!  You can watch a video of us battling the trees here:



Over the next few posts we’ll show you more photos of what it means to destruct and re-construct a park.